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INTERVIEW: Sublime Dreamer

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fenceBorn in the fall of 2008, Sublime Dreamer is a devloping streetwear brand based in Delaware. The trio of designers behind the Brian Wanjare, Kyle Gray, and James Woods are all college students, ready to face the world with a blog and a dream.

 In that idealistic way of all undergrads, they see their brand as the embodiment of every dreamer’s hopes. They best describe themselves by saying,

“We all have aspirations that we strive to accomplish, and not only to accomplish them, but to achieve them in the utmost fashion.

Therefore, a Sublime Dreamer simply symbolizes an individual who dreams of being the best at what they do and working nonstop towards that goal.”


With the help of Twitter (@DCStreetwear—follow me!), I was able to catch up with Sublime Dreamer’s Brian Wanjare and Kyle Gray.


DC Streetwear: What made you start a clothing line?



Brian: At the time, we were looking around at what was out, and I didn’t really find anything that fit my personality. I really wanted something simplistic, but rare, and unique, at the same time. And I couldn’t find anything that was out that fit that mold, so I decided that I should start my own line.

DC Streetwear: How do you come up with designs?

Brian: I just brainstorm. First, I think of ideas, slogans and I center my designs around the idea that I’m having at the time. Like, when I designed the star shirt, the idea that I had in my head was the idea of stars. And all my designs have a meaning.

DC Streetwear: Who are your major inspirations?

Brian: I like what Play Cloths is doing right now. I also like BBC—Billionaire Boys Club—because I like the approach that they’re taking—that simplistic but unique approach that I’ve taken, so I like their stuff.

DC Streetwear: How do you all get taken seriously at such a young age?

Brian : We’ve gotten a good response from people. I don’t think they look at our age, at all. They look at our work.

DC Streetwear: What’s the meaning of the name Sublime Dreamer?

Brian : When we came up with the name we wanted something that embodies what we thought about ourselves. All three of us have goals that we strive to accomplish the best way we can. We’re all unique in our own individual way. When we came up with Sublime Dreamer, we thought of the goals that all of us are trying to accomplish, so we’re dreaming to accomplish that goal. Sublime came from the fact that we want to do it the best way possible, and that no one can compete.

DC Streetwear: What are three brands that you would love to collaborate with in the future?

Brian : I like the direction that Play Cloths and BBC are going in, and we would like to release a fitted with New Era.

DC Streetwear: Do you all plan to go in any other directions, such as women’s clothing or accessories?

Brian: Definitely going for a Sublime Dreamer female line, and also accessories is in the process of being worked in right now. Our third partner is actually heading that department right now. We’re looking into a scarf and hat set and keychain, and stuff like that.

DC Streetwear: If you all weren’t focusing on fashion right now, what else would you be doing?

Brian: Well, I play football, so I would probably be trying to make it to the pros.

Kyle: If I wasn’t into fashion, I would probably be into business.

DC Streetwear: What are you each majoring in?

Brian: I’m a finance major.

Kyle: I’m studying marketing.

DC Streetwear: Do you all work together to make designs?

Brian: We all come up with designs ourselves, and bring it to each other. Then we all collaborate and vote on what needs to change and what needs to go here and there. Once all three of us come to a conclusion about what the final design is, that’s what we go with.

DC Streetwear: What happens if you disagree?

Brian: That’s where it comes in handy having three of us. We usually take the best 2 out of 3.

DC Streetwear : The other person just has to deal with it?

Brian: [Laughs] Pretty much. We also go to the fans sometimes. We had two votes already. We had a vote about our hoodies. We had a lot of participation from the fans, and a lot of comments, so we also take their input.

DC Streetwear: What’s your target audience?

Brian: That’s what makes us unique. Anybody can really wear our brand—skateboarders, sneakerheads, college kids—our brand embodies all of that.

DC Streetwear: Why the teddy bear?

Brian: [Laughs] We get that a lot. When I gave you those three words to describe our brand—simplistic, rare and unique—when I thought of those three things that I wanted my line to embody, I thought of a panda bear. A panda is simplistic, because it is black and white, it’s rare because they’re an endangered species, and it’s also very unique. That’s where the bear logo came from.

DC Streetwear: So will that be your main logo as your brand progresses?

Brian: It won’t be in everything, but it will be there. I think we’ll definitely be known by that.


Check out some of their stuff…

Gray Sublime DreamerRed Sublime DreamerBlue Sublime Dreamer

Blk Front Sublime DreamerWht Front Sublime DreamerWht Star Sublime DreamerDream World Sublime Dreamer

Make sure you visit their site.

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    Where can i learn more from this brand seems like something that could be big in a year if this group keep going.

  • Cee said:

    I really like their bear shirts!

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    Welcome! Check out their site. The link is on the post.

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    reminds me of bathing ape x kanye west bear, but cool though. babe post more nov 18-dec 1?! no bueno

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