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Striped Leather Bag – Marc by Marc Jacobs

Saw this bag over at Little Red Book, and had to share it with the rest of the class. This striped leather bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs is the first normal-sized bag I’ve feigned over in a while. It’s made of colorful cotton and trimmed in tan leather with gold accents. It’s rich, deep fall colors and a cute shape have put it on my wishlist…too bad it’s priced at $260. Which isn’t bad, considering that you can get a lot of use out of a bag like this …

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Hondd by Steve Madden

Ok, I am in need of some serious help. Howard University’s homecoming is coming up, which means I’m in need of a cute boot to wear. Thing is, I spotted this pair of Steve Madden boots that would be perfect. The heel isn’t too high, so I won’t be uncomfortable while I swarm around Yardfest snapping photos and it’s a great cognac color that I can work easily. They’re called the Hondd and they’re a pair of lace-up booties with around a 2 1/2-inch heel. They’re running for $130, but …

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Yay or Nay: Rihanna’s Tutu

I struggle with Rihanna sometimes, but I actually like this look. I spotted this picture over at CocoPerez, and I’d like to start this post by saying, I love Rihanna’s hair here. The Wendys-esque color (I can’t even take credit for that reference. My Twitter timeline is full of fools.) doesn’t usually work for me, but it’s styled so nicely right here. Rih-Rih does have that great skin tone that can look good with any hair color.
But all that aside, I’m focusing on her outfit here. While in London, Rihanna …

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Orlando Bloom for Uniqlo

British hottie (and married man, darn it) Orlando Bloom is one of the new faces of Japanese brand, Uniqlo. Check out the commercial he shot for the brand’s HeatTech jacket, below. The technology is supposed to keep the wearer extra cozy.
South Africa-born actress Charlize Theron is also supposed to be a new face of the brand.

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Retired Belts

And you thought you were accomplishing something by recycling your little bottles? San Francisco-based company, Retired Belts takes used Randonneur tires (for long distance bikes) and turns them into one-of-a-kind belts.

Read their description below…
The unique design of Retired Belts utilizes used Randonneur tires, making them both an aesthetically pleasing accessory and giving them a functional purpose. The resilience of the tires enables you to carry your U-lock(s) in between you and the belt without stretching out over time. The use of high quality brass snaps replaces a belt buckle, which …

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Ring Arthur by Monserat De Lucca

Adorable and unique jewelry can brighten a dreary day, even one as ugly as this one. Last night, I was perusing one of my favorite shopping sites, ModCloth, and I came across a ring they’d dubbed the “Ring Arthur”.
The ring, which is made by an accessories company out of California called Monserat De Lucca, is made of polished brass and looks like a knight’s helmet. The ventail (that grill-looking piece that sits over the mouth) even moves!
Scroll down for a better look.

It’s available over at ModCloth for about $60. I’m …

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Lady Gaga’s Hair Dress? (PHOTOS)

Today was seeming like one of those two-posts days (Mama has to go to work. grrr), but I’ll risk clocking in late to post this. Just when we all thought Lady Gaga had tapped out her arsenal of insane clothing, this woman wore a dress made entirely out of human hair to perform at the Oak Room in New York City.

Ga-freaking-Ga. The meat dress is officially old news.
Pairing it with a pair of her standard Alexander McQueen heels – have to love her for consistently wearing the late designer’s pieces. …

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Solange In A Turban…#Youcare (PHOTOS)

By this time of the day, most of us have already seen these pictures of Solange Knowles at the Guess Seductive Launch, but I’m posting them anyway. Timeliness, be damned, Solange is wearing the heck out of that turban. Never in my blogging-life did I think that I would ever type that last sentence, but it’s true. It needs to be recognized.
I love her ability to make stuff work for her. There aren’t many people who can throw on a turban for non-religious reasons without looking foolish, but Solange did …

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3 Words: Lego..Wedding…Ring!

This just renewed my faith in the institution of marriage. Freelance photographer and Brooklyn street artist, Katie Sokoler, put pictures of her friend’s wedding ring up on her blog, and I just had to share them with the rest of the class. It’s a real Lego ring! The little Lego husband and wife are too cute for words.
Make sure to check out Sokoler’s blog. It’s full of coolness.
Via ColorMeKatie

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“Hypnotize You” – N.E.R.D (VIDEO)

There’s something about Pharrell‘s voice that you can’t help but love. N.E.R.D. debuted their new song on David Letterman last night. The song, which was produced by Daft Punk, is called “Hypnotize You” and is destined to be on my Top 25 Most Played list. Their album, Nothing has had it’s release date pushed back, so I’m not 100% on when it’s supposed to drop. What I do know is that I will be taking my behind down to my neighborhood record store to purchase said album.
Check out the video …

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Huffington Post’s “Unintentional Hipsters”

Ever seen an idea so brilliant that you’re upset that you didn’t think of it yourself? That’s exactly what I thought this morning when I caught a look at Huffington Post’s “Unintentional Hipsters” post. Making a mockery of all those Urban-Outfitters-shopping, coffee-shop-dwelling, thrift-shop-surfing, I’m-cooler-than-you-even-though-I’m-not-doing-anything-original types, the people over at Huffington Post put together pictures of people who were effortlessly hip. Everyone from grandpas, little kids and late ’80′s/early 90′s TV stars made the cut.

Please check out the rest over at the Huffington Post. It’s something that everyone needs to see …

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Vashtie Kola x Air Jordan II – A Closer Look

A few days ago, I posted pictures of the lavender Air Jordan II Retros designed by creative powerhouse, Vashtie Kola. Here’s a more detailed look at the shoe from Extra Butter, a boutique in Long Island, New York. The shoes release this Saturday, October 2, but the shop was able to get their hands on an advance pair to give us a better look at the shoe.
Check it out.

Via Freshness

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Nike Toki ND Holiday 2010

The holidays are coming. Never mind the fact that Halloween, Thanksgiving, or even Columbus Day hasn’t rolled around yet. A few stores have begun to string up Christmas lights, and now we are given a look at two new colorways for Nike Toki ND this holiday season.
Now available in red and black with gold accents, as well as an awesome grape, the shoes have suede uppers and hiking-boot-esque laces.
Very simple, but very nice.

Via Kicks On Fire